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So I've been thinking about making a personal order from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for a while, but I was always held back by the $12 shipping to Canada for up to 20 items, considering that I would never personally be able to order enough items to get the best possible value out of shipping. So I am opening the floor to you, my friends, to join me in this delicious smelling odyssey.

I would prefer for this Lab order to consist only of people local to me (or soon to be local again - I'm looking at you [personal profile] kali_kali) here in Ottawa, but exceptions will be made for my good and dear friends elsewhere if they would really want to participate.

Ideally I would like this order to have no more than 20 items, but if people are willing to pay additional for shipping - the price rises to $21 for over 20 items - I would be willing to consider it.

Freebies from the Lab will be split as equitably as possible.

For those of you new to Bpal (I know I gave a couple of you some to try) samples are called 'Imp's ears' or 'Imps' for short. They are sold individually for $4 or in a pack of 6 for $22. A good way to find out what you might like to try is to use the search engine to search for notes that you might like such as rose, lavender, lilac, lime, lemon, citrus, frankincense, peony, musk - you get the idea - and then picking out the perfumes whose description is most intriguing.

Some scents aren't available in imp form, only in full 5ml bottles. Others are only available in pre-made imp packs which are more expensive due to the cost of the essential oils within. Don't worry, if you pick one of those I will let you know.

There is no final date on when the order will take place - probably when 20 items are reached and everyone who has ordered something has paid for it.

According to the Lab:

One 5ml = 1 item
Twelve imps = 1 item

Here is the list of items so far:

1) Bottle of Villain for me

2) Bottle of Envy for me

3) Two imp packs for me


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